Franciscan Community Counseling, Inc

about us

St-Francis-statueAmidst the foothills below majestic Pikes Peak, Franciscan Community Counseling, Inc was established in 1987 by the Sisters of St. Francis of Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a non-profit organization, Franciscan Community Counseling provides affordable mental health services to the people of the Pikes Peak region. Since its original purpose to provide wellness education to various groups as well as counseling, the program has evolved. Franciscan Community Counseling focuses primarily on psychotherapy or counseling for a variety of serious and moderate mental health problems. Secondarily we provide psychological testing, columbarium, preventative/wellness education, and consultation. FCC is comprised of professionals credentialed in mental health treatment. Most hold advanced degrees in psychology, counseling, or social work. The only exceptions are Master’s-/ Doctorate-level interns who are supervised by the appropriate licensed staff. FCC is financially supported by a variety of donors including Pikes Peak United Way, the Sisters of St. Francis of Colorado Springs, Colorado, church communities of the Pikes Peak region, and various other organizations and foundations. If you or your organization wish to support our important work, please contact us.

our mission: Franciscan Community Counseling

Franciscan Community Counseling provides counseling, testing, and programs that promote emotional, mental, social, physical, and spiritual wellness, through effective partnerships with our clients and other providers.

We provide high quality, cost effective services, without discrimination and regardless of ability to pay.